Mapping Yiddish New York

Dr. Agi Legutko, Lecturer in Yiddish and Director of the Yiddish Language Program at Columbia, heads a digital humanities project on the Yiddish cultural history of New York called Mapping Yiddish New York. Mapping Yiddish New York is an online archive seeking to document all aspects of Yiddish culture in New York: from theater, film, literature and press, through music, record labels, humor, and restaurants to organizations and institutions. In addition to mapping particular sites, persons, and events, this website features digital essays exploring the Yiddish history of the New York City created by CU students enrolled in Yiddish language and literature classes under faculty supervision. The project began in 2013 with CCNMTL (now Center for Teaching and Learning), and is now a working collaboration between Yiddish Studies Program, Columbia University Libraries and the Digital Humanities Center, faculty partners, and a wide range of students at Columbia — all in support of close study of Yiddish language and cultural history. At present, the projects has two online iterations: and The websites will be merged and revised in the near future.