Graduate Students

The Jewish and Israel Studies Graduate Student Association at Columbia University

JIGSA is a peer-led graduate student group which brings together graduate students from varying disciplines, all of whom share an interest in topics of concern to the study of Jewish experience and culture, and the broader application of this investigation. With members from departments across Columbia University and its neighboring schools, JIGSA seeks to build a supportive and stimulating community, one that provides a friendly and supportive environment for rigorous intellectual inquiry.

In the past, JIGSA activities have included reading groups, a peer-run seminars, graduate student conferences, and a variety of lectures and public events.  In all of its events, JIGSA aims to meet the professional development and intellectual needs of its constituency.


New York City Ancient Judaism Graduate Seminar at Columbia University

The NYCAJG Seminar invites graduate students located in NYC studying ancient Judaism to meet over lunch to discuss topics relating to their field. Sponsored by the IIJS at Columbia University, graduate students lead and organize monthly informal sessions that explore recent publications in the field, consider different theoretical models to approach source material, and generally promote discussion and collaboration between students. These sessions aim to create a network of young scholars across institutions. In the past, students from Columbia, NYU, JTS, YU and Yale have attended and presented at these sessions.